07 May 2019

Quick update: Trading resumed

The previous withdrawal was due to incorrect SWIFT codes. Now that my broker has acknowledged, the error is rectified.

A new trading account with AxiTrader was set up and I have to say I am quite pleased with the overall experience.

I will do up a proper review to share my experience. Meanwhile, I am accumulating the trades so that I have sufficient results to show and share with you guys.

Meanwhile, if you would like to open a trading account with AxiTrader, I hope you would use my referral code below. with the referral code, it is a promo code where the trading fees will be lower. On top of that, Axitrader will also share a part of the brokerage revenue with me. This helps to contribute and fray part of the hosting costs for SGSAS.

I hope it is not too much to ask for. Thank you for your kind support