25 March 2019

Here's How A Beginner Can Start Stock Investing Confidently...

Hi, my name is Chris Susanto, founder of Re-ThinkWealth.com.

With partnerships with SGSAS, I bring this short message to You.

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The course is called The VIM Club.

It teaches complete beginners -- in the most effective way possible (Exclusive 1:1 Mentorship) -- value investing and options selling, two strategies many stock investors have used to make lots of money.

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New Author from Re-ThinkWealth.sg!

We have invited Chris Lee from Re-thinkwealth.sg to be our guest blogger recently. This will help to establish both parties to be a hub for sharing and educating, sharing our passion in both trading and investing.

Should you have any feedback, or suggestions that you can bring to SGSAS, please feel free to write to us. This blog is created for everyone and we seek to improve and expand our resources for your benefits.

13 March 2019

QNS: How to Sell 496 ST Engineering shares?

QNS: I have 496 shares for ST Engineering and is trying to sell all shares. I tried the online portal but the system is saying that "Reject reason: The quantity is not in multiples of board lot size. Please re-enter your order."

ANS: The board size is in multiples of 100 shares. Thus for 496 shares, you will have to sell 400 shares at the main board, and 96 shares in the odd lot market. The trade execution sequence (main market first or not) does not matter.

Also, the prices in the main and odd lot market might differ a little due to liquidity.

Be sure to sell the correct quantity of shares. Hope that helps.

27 February 2019

Changes in the investing portfolio

1) Taking profit on half the position of sunningdale, after a 31% rally (including dividends)
2) Getting out flat on Singmedical- although valuation remains attractive, but change in major shareholder puts clout of uncertainty - how shareholder friendly will they be? Will they insert any thing dilutive to the company?
3) Continue to hold HongKong Land and Hock Lian Seng. 
4) Rotate capital from Singmedical to Jumbo- buy 100,000 shares at 0.415. One of the most iconic brands representing Singapore, with potential to expand internationally on a wide scale. Already did that with franchises, but waiting for income to start showing, with costs digestion in the initial stages. Plans for new store openings in Singapore are also highly positive, given Singapore's market is the most profitable for them per store. Have already opened 1 new Jumbo store in ion.
- Jumbo also has gd net cash position, good cashflow generation, dividend yield of about 3%.
- Floor formed as prices supported by daily share buybacks, and hopefully a recovery in earnings will propel the stock up (1Q19 profits up 15%)

26 February 2019

Update on investing portfolio- Yay!

Update on investing portfolio

It has been a roller coaster 2018- but was pleasantly  surprised by the performance when last checked back in- so buying and putting it away does work after 1 year :)
We returned 4.7% (since we started in 14 Dec 17) vs FSSTI (-0.9% after accounting for dividends)

Of note, we were in the money for 3 out of our 4 positions (sadly, Hock Lian Seng pulled us down by quite a fair bit)

We will looking to update our portfolio soon, after the weekends, after we have some time to evaluate some new ideas and current positions. Happy investing and trading ahead!

22 February 2019

Market Crash? What To Do?

Worries over intensifying trade war could return to the forefront as China rolls out new tariffs on meat, fruit and other US imports totaling 128 products, retaliation against US taxes on steel and aluminum. 

The market has been in a whipsaw manner. Though I think there should be a short rally again towards mid-year after all this is settled. GDP worldwide are improving and technology is helping to shape a different economy. An economy that is more efficient and faster than before.

Given the current market, for the bold, it is a very good chance for trading in and out.

And for the bold and smart ones who want to do leveraging, you may refer to the table below. It allows both longs and shorts, and some on a leveraged ratio. 

The best part is, it is available via the usual simple stocks account.

Please check with your broker for more information. 

On a side note, please know that broker is your friend and a person who is trading too. So it's all about sharing to educate and share. No need to insist or demand information because you have 'paid trading fees' to the broker. Even if you have paid 1% trading fees, it still does not warrant for such. (probably another post on that another time)

Attached for your convenience. :)

ETF Name
Asset Class
Total Assets ($MM)
Avg Volume
Previous Closing Price
1-Day Change
Overall Rating
TQQQProShares UltraPro QQQEquity$3,358.843.75%6,206,140$143.925.54%
SSOProShares Ultra S&P 500Equity$2,271.05-3.47%2,996,590$105.482.77%
FASDirexion Daily Financial Bull 3X SharesEquity$1,946.66-5.83%2,247,311$64.283.59%
FLGECredit Suisse FI Large Cap Growth Enhanced ETNEquity$1,819.422.11%19,669$232.903.64%
QLDProShares Ultra QQQEquity$1,597.523.91%2,172,761$76.203.67%
FIYYBarclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Global High Yield ETNs Series BEquity$1,498.22N/AN/A$96.751.91%
UPROProShares UltraPro S&P 500Equity$1,403.47-6.66%2,485,877$130.734.23%
FBGXUBS AG FI Enhanced Large Cap Growth ETNEquity$1,390.851.94%4,466$231.602.76%
NUGTDirexion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3X SharesEquity$1,312.69-22.82%6,882,964$24.403.96%
FIHDUBS AG FI Enhanced Global High Yield ETNEquity$1,189.01-6.03%28,673$161.712.88%
SPXLDirexion Daily S&P 500 Bull 3X SharesEquity$1,089.28-6.86%5,931,999$41.294.16%
UYGProShares Ultra FinancialsEquity$906.27-3.63%67,234$123.162.42%
SDSProShares UltraShort S&P 500Equity$836.19-0.03%7,448,039$40.96-2.78%
TNADirexion Daily Small Cap Bull 3X SharesEquity$786.01-4.17%3,747,963$67.342.97%
JNUGDirexion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3x SharesEquity$757.83-23.65%12,953,634$13.563.75%
SOXLDirexion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3x SharesEquity$741.1010.82%768,203$152.826.47%
UDOWProShares UltraPro Dow30Equity$605.89-9.94%1,597,216$84.784.05%
TECLDirexion Daily Technology Bull 3X SharesEquity$590.101.99%310,569$114.405.66%
FIEEUBS AG FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETNEquity$564.88-6.76%5,766$165.401.25%
SQQQProShares UltraPro Short QQQEquity$457.86-14.61%14,786,807$18.33-5.32%
LABUDirexion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3x SharesEquity$449.792.00%1,243,863$79.412.41%
SPXUProShares UltraPro Short S&P 500Equity$448.68-1.53%14,763,021$11.17-4.20%
FFEUBarclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN Series CEquity$448.35N/AN/A$99.001.61%
DDMProShares Ultra Dow30Equity$440.24-5.54%507,531$124.642.85%
ERXDirexion Daily Energy Bull 3X SharesEquity$421.92-21.27%2,493,111$27.506.34%

18 February 2019

Quarterly Review of System Z

Over the years of trading, it's an open secret that traders have to be consistent in the trades. And with that in mind, regardless of the market conditions, traders can make money.

I am supposed to do this quarterly review of my FX trades. This is to share and show that trading CAN be a way of living, a source of income and probably an additional revenue too.

Unlike those advertisements or Hollywood which glorified the word 'trading', my life is pretty much normal, holding a typical 8 to 5 salaried work.

Started a new FX broker after I terminated the contract with Oanda in Oct, the last quarter is a rather quiet one with typical returns. While the volume of the entire market has reduced, due to holiday seasons, I barely hit an average of 2% over the last 3 months.

While that is the case, it is important to note that the account was started in Oct, and it traded for 1 day.

With that in mind, it is only right to divide by 2 months instead. And so, this gives about 2.96%. Pretty close to my target of 3% per month.

In case you are wondering, my drawdown was at almost 0%. Screenshot for your reference:

November was a month of anxiety as FOMC meeting was in Dec. And there were some bad positions which need further averaging. Thus the spike in drawdowns.

Now looking ahead this year in 2019, my trade returns were averaging about 2.98% for these 2 months. Pretty close to 3%.

Let's hope March is kind to me.

Stay tuned.

Details at : http://www.myfxbook.com/members/asianfxwarrior/system-z/2730148