11 February 2020

Trading Idea: Long SGD/TKX

Congrats to my friends who followed me on the previous trading call. Highest at 0.610

  1. TKX has broken the 0.500 mark. The entry point has shifted upwards; from 0.300 to 0.450
  2. With a strong trading momentum with increased trading volume, it may be possible to hit the next resistance level: 0.700 
  3. Not advised to short as SGD may continue to weaken too, as such, it contributes to bull strength in this context.

Also received many emails/sms asking what is TKX. 
Tokenize Exchange is a Singaporean company that allows buying and selling of actual Bitcoins, as well as other crypto-currencies. More details are documented here https://sgstocksandshares.blogspot.com/2019/04/tokenize-exchange.html

If you do not have a Tokenize account, use this referral link below to open your account. It gives you and me 100 TKX coins which you can exchange it for cash.

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