15 May 2018

2Q18 SGSAS FX Trading Results

Since SG market has been rather quiet, I decided to do some early accounting to tabulate the profit and loss of my FX trading this afternoon.

These are my trades on EURUSD. I don't touch other currency pairings as i do not have the time to do so. I prefer to trade on 1 currency pairing only as well. Not to mention, I will trade continuously, even during important event dates


Markets are all connected. Using equities index, it is easier to have a feel how the markets swing during that time.

Comparing to 2017 and even 2016, my returns for 2Q18 so far has been rather flat, if not, not as great. This is especially so during Feb 2018. Not one but two 1,000-point plunged for the Dow Jones Index. And a powerful comeback that almost went straight back up! During this swing, I have to cut my losses thinking the direction has changed. But it didn't. Totally crazy. It is a crazy ride!

Dow plummeted more than 3000+ points in just two weeks, then stocks raced back to life, at one point recovering about three-quarters of those losses.



Moving forward, I have to be nimble. And it has to be a balance between conservative and taking risks for greater returns.

So yea, this documents my thoughts, comments and strategy for my future reference. Cheers!