05 December 2018

Why Do We FOCUS on Down-trending STI?


Give it a few more days, perhaps STI will move back to the down trending channel?

Friends who have sold earlier to lock in the profits would have some cash ready for the next position. Let's aim for 3050 STI for possible 1st entry, but watch how it breaks the 3100 mark. Will it be another 'gap down' like today? or a rebound?

My friends who receive my daily emails commented that I tend to be focusing more on the down-side of market movements. And I observe that this is true too.

Well, I find that most of us tend to be more comfortable to buy shares when the general market is rallying, at a preferred price that is. In a down trending market, however, many of us will stay out, only waiting for some signs of a rally before buying shares, in fears of missing out of the next rally. When that happens, usually the price will be higher at a premium level because the market has recovered.

For the maximum possible profits, it is always better to buy at the lowest possible price. And for that to happen, the best time will be during bearish times. Investing cash may be limited, therefore discussion of possible entry prices will be more interesting for all of us who wants more value. Due to observations and preferences, there will be a myriad of suggestions. Hence the discussion of entry prices helps to ascertain if there are other better reasonable possibilities.

When market rallies/rebounds, I am certain many of us will be able to decide better because there will be paper profits. It is up to each individual to decide how much more before selling off the shares to lock in the profits.

Likewise usually at times like this, I will be thinking and observing what price to sell as well.