Chapter 0: Genesis

It's about time I write a proper introduction for SGstocksandshares (SGSAS) and answer the questions that I received over the years.

The page About Me is a proper corporate resume, and a summary of me, myself and I. An introduction, however, should not be the background of the author solely, but the actual reason and motivations behind the inception too.

To start off, the birth of SGSAS started for 2 reasons mainly; Convenience and Sharing.


Most of the writings, if you have noticed, are forwarded from my emails which I send to my clients. And when I needed to refer back to my own information, a personal website as such helps to serve this need.

The strength of a broker is not the number of right trading calls, but to educate clients to help them better themselves. And together with clients, a broker share and receive information helping everyone to profit from the market. The traditional emailing system is too slow and passive, yet on the other end, communicating through Whatsapp will be extremely unorganised and not practical.

A website or a blog namely SGSAS will be a great platform for organising information for easy access and to share with a greater audience. On top of that, it makes it much easier to network with like-minded people with the similar interests who are keen too.

You may ask, why not Facebook, ShareJunction or InvestingNote?

Well, these are not spaces belonging to me. In fact, I will be quite constrained to what and how I can post, linking to Twitter, my FX account and all. Rather than login, load and search, anytime, anywhere when I need to refer to any information, I will simply load up my site.


Subsequently, through SGSAS, I have met acquaintances who share market insights and information. Though Mosiac Theory, such piece and fragments of information help to paint a bigger picture. No doubt it is necessary to filter noises and news, but there are times brokers and traders should rise above that. That is to understand that a certain noise has plagued and distorted the current market, resulting the market to react in such manner. The point to deliver here is, to trade the market effectively, it is paramount to be in sync and connected to the market. To be aware of every news and noise, that is currently in the market will give an impeccable and timely execution of trades.

While the broker helps to look out for trading calls, individual research results will be quite limited due to energy and resources. Things can be better if broker and clients are working together for a common cause.

As elaborated above, it does not matter if clients or broker have the absolute right call. In addition to this matter, there are times we could be blindsided by certain facts and information. So sharing helps to test information and check concepts.

Why give free seminars?

After the establishment of this website, I gave simple seminars for free, sharing and teaching how to read charts and such. NTU Top Trading Competition, SAFRA Financial Literacy Workshop and the upcoming Singapore Finance Conference 2017 are some examples. This is a service I believe in giving back to the society. It reminded me when I first started trading, how I was trying to learn and understand all the available information. Now that I have learnt much, it is time for me to give back.

The enterprising ones will see the act of giving seminars for free as a stepping stone to evolve into a paid seminar in time to come. They further explained that the seminars are currently free as it will conflict with my job nature.

The act of giving is an altruistic act, showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. Since I am not making a business out of educating traders and investors, I do not see the need to charge.

Trading and investing in markets is my actual business and that is how I make money from the market. I seek to be connected to the market, and in order to do so, it is necessary to reach out. Seminars are the best way to achieve this.

My costs

Ironically, it dawned upon me that the selfless act of giving requires costs to do so.

Case in point, the organisers and I split the bill of hiring a graphic designer to do up the Electronic Direct Mailers, a requirement for SAFRA Financial Literacy Workshops. Imagine my initial reaction when one actually has to pay to give for free. Such irony.

Which brings me to the next point: my job as a non-commission stockbroker. But I will leave it to the next article to write on the next time.


SGSAS is open to everyone and anyone. Yet, there will always be a distinct difference between free and premium. My clients expect me to render a service, and that is something I have to fulfil with priority. After all, there is no free lunch in this world.

Still, for a passionate investor, SGSAS will help to summarise and have a brief daily outlook of the markets. It should serve the basic needs of an investor.